1) (towards the back: He glanced backwards.) hacia atrás
2) (with one's back facing the direction one is going in: The child walked backwards into a lamp-post.) de espaldas a
3) (in the opposite way to that which is usual: Can you count from 1 to 10 backwards? (= starting at 10 and counting to 1).) al revés
backwards adv
1. hacia atrás
he was walking backwards caminaba hacia atrás
2. al revés
you're doing it backwards lo estás haciendo al revés
backwards and forwards de acá para allá
1 hacia atrás
she took a step backwards dio un paso hacia atrás
2 (the wrong way) al revés
he always does things backwards siempre hace las cosas al revés
backwards and forwards de acá para allá
a backwards and forwards motion un vaivén
to move backwards retroceder
to walk backwards andar de espaldas
to fall backwards caerse de espaldas
to know something backwards saber algo al dedillo
to bend over backwards to do something hacer todo lo posible para hacer algo
he bent over backwards to help us hizo todo lo posible para ayudarnos
al revés adv.
atrás adv.
'bækwərdz, 'bækwədz
adverb (esp BrE) backward II
ADV (esp Brit) = backward 2.
* * *
['bækwərdz, 'bækwədz]
adverb (esp BrE) backward II

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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